Bauer Supreme M4 Senior Hockey Skates

Brief Overview:The Bauer Supreme M4 Senior Hockey Skates are a high-quality option for hockey players looking for performance and comfort on the ice. With a number of features designed to enhance speed, power, and overall skating ability, these skates are a popular choice among players at all levels.

– Fact 1: The Bauer Supreme M4 Senior Hockey Skates feature an anatomical fit that provides excellent heel lock and overall foot support.
– Fact 2: These skates utilize a lightweight TPR outsole that offers increased stiffness and energy transfer with each stride.
– Fact 3: The Tuuk Lightspeed Pro blade holder on the Bauer Supreme M4 skates allows for quick blade changes and optimal balance on the ice.
– Fact 4: An integrated anatomical ankle padding system helps to provide additional comfort and stability during gameplay.
– Fact 5: The hydrophobic microfiber liner wicks away moisture to keep your feet dry throughout long practices or games.


1. Are the Bauer Supreme M4 Senior Hockey Skates suitable for beginners?
– Yes, these skates are suitable for both beginner and experienced players due to their comfortable fit and supportive design.

2. Can I bake these skates to achieve a better custom fit?
– Yes, you can heat mold these skates using the Bauer skate oven or by visiting a professional skate shop for assistance.

3. Do these skates come with replaceable blades?
– Yes, the Tuuk Lightspeed Pro blade holders allow you to easily replace worn-out blades as needed.

4. Are these skates suitable for wide feet?
– While they offer an anatomical fit, some users with wider feet may find them too narrow. It’s recommended to try them on before purchasing or consider getting them stretched professionally if necessary.

5. How do I clean my Bauer Supreme M4 Senior Hockey Skates?
– It’s best to wipe down the exterior of the skates with a damp cloth after each use. Avoid submerging them in water or using harsh chemicals.

6. Can I use these skates for outdoor hockey?
– While they are primarily designed for indoor ice rinks, you can use them for occasional outdoor play. However, be aware that the blades may wear down more quickly on rough surfaces.

7. Are replacement parts available for these skates?
– Yes, Bauer offers a range of replacement parts and accessories specifically designed for their Supreme line of skates.

The Bauer Supreme M4 Senior Hockey Skates offer a comfortable fit, excellent support, and features that enhance performance on the ice. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced player, these skates provide value and quality at an affordable price point.

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