Bauer Supreme Ignite Pro Plus Skates

Brief Overview:The Bauer Supreme Ignite Pro Plus Skates are high-performance ice hockey skates designed for professional players. These skates offer advanced features and technologies to enhance performance and provide maximum comfort and protection on the ice.

The Bauer Supreme Ignite Pro Plus Skates are a top choice for professional hockey players due to their exceptional performance, comfort, and protective features. Here are five supporting facts about these skates:

1. Enhanced Power Transfer: The skates feature a 3D Lasted Carbon Curv Composite boot construction that provides excellent power transfer from the player’s foot to the ice, resulting in explosive acceleration and quick turns.

2. Custom Fit System: With Bauer’s Form-Fit+ technology, these skates can be heat-molded to provide a customized fit that perfectly contours to the player’s foot shape, ensuring maximum comfort during gameplay.

3. Lightweight Design: The use of lightweight materials in various components of these skates helps reduce overall weight without compromising durability or support, allowing players to move quickly on the ice.

4. Comfortable Feel: The asymmetrical toe cap design of these skates offers more space in the forefoot area while maintaining a snug fit around the ankle, providing enhanced comfort without sacrificing stability.

5. Advanced Blade Technology: The Tuuk LS Pulse TI Edge blade holder with replaceable stainless steel runners ensures superior edge retention and allows for easy blade replacements when necessary, giving players optimal control and agility on the ice.


Q1: Are these skates suitable for beginners?
A1: While they are designed for professional players, beginners can also benefit from using them as they offer excellent performance features that can help improve skating skills over time.

Q2: Can I bake these skates at home?
A2: It is highly recommended to have them professionally baked by an authorized dealer who has experience with heat molding skate boots to ensure proper fitting without damaging the skates.

Q3: Do these skates come with a warranty?
A3: Yes, Bauer offers a limited warranty on their Supreme Ignite Pro Plus Skates. The specific terms and conditions of the warranty can be obtained from an authorized dealer or through Bauer’s official website.

Q4: Can I replace the blades myself?
A4: Yes, the Tuuk LS Pulse TI Edge blade holder allows for easy replacement of stainless steel runners. However, it is recommended to have them replaced by a professional to ensure correct installation and alignment.

Q5: Are these skates suitable for players with wide feet?
A5: The Form-Fit+ technology used in these skates allows for heat molding, which can help accommodate wider foot widths. It is advisable to consult with an authorized dealer who can guide you in selecting the right size and width option.

Q6: How long do these skates typically last?
A6: The durability of hockey skates depends on various factors such as frequency of use, playing style, maintenance, etc. With proper care and maintenance, including regular sharpening and inspection of components, they should provide several seasons of reliable performance.

Q7: Can I get replacement parts for these skates if needed?
A7: Yes, Bauer provides replacement parts for their Supreme Ignite Pro Plus Skates. Authorized dealers or Bauer’s official website are good sources to find genuine replacement parts like blades, laces, footbeds, etc.

The Bauer Supreme Ignite Pro Plus Skates offer exceptional performance features that cater primarily to professional hockey players but can also benefit beginners looking to enhance their skating skills. With advanced technologies like power transfer enhancement and customizable fit system combined with comfort-focused design elements make them a top choice among serious players seeking high-quality ice hockey skates.

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