Bauer Steel Hockey Goal With Backstop

Brief Overview:The Bauer Steel Hockey Goal with Backstop is a high-quality and durable goal designed for hockey players of all levels. It features a sturdy steel frame, a backstop netting system, and easy assembly.

1. Sturdy Construction: The Bauer Steel Hockey Goal is made from heavy-duty steel tubing that ensures durability and stability during intense gameplay.

2. Backstop Netting System: This goal comes with a built-in backstop netting system that helps keep pucks from flying out of the playing area, providing added safety for players and spectators.

3. Easy Assembly: With its simple design and clear instructions, this goal can be easily assembled within minutes without requiring any special tools or expertise.

4. Versatile Usage: Whether you’re practicing in your backyard or playing in an organized game, the Bauer Steel Hockey Goal is suitable for various settings due to its portability and adaptability.

5. Size Options Available: This goal is available in different sizes to accommodate different skill levels and age groups, ensuring that players of all ages can enjoy using it.


Q1. Is the backstop netting removable?
A1. No, the backstop netting on the Bauer Steel Hockey Goal is not removable as it’s integrated into the design for enhanced safety.

Q2. Can I use this goal indoors?
A2. Yes, you can use this goal both indoors and outdoors as long as you have sufficient space to set it up safely.

Q3. What are the dimensions of this hockey goal?
A3. The exact dimensions may vary depending on the size option chosen; however, typically it measures around 72 inches wide by 48 inches tall by 32 inches deep.

Q4. Does it come with anchors for stability?
A4.Yes, the Bauer Steel Hockey Goal includes ground stakes that can be used to secure it firmly to prevent tipping over during gameplay.

Q5.Can I use this goal for other sports?
A5. While primarily designed for hockey, this goal can also be used for other sports like soccer or lacrosse, making it a versatile option.

Q6. Is the net included with the goal?
A6.Yes, the Bauer Steel Hockey Goal comes with a durable and high-quality net that is specifically designed to fit its dimensions.

Q7. Can I fold it up for storage?
A7.No, this particular model does not have a folding feature; however, disassembling and reassembling it is quick and easy.

The Bauer Steel Hockey Goal with Backstop offers durability, safety features, and easy assembly. With its sturdy construction and backstop netting system, players can enjoy intense gameplay without worrying about stray pucks. It’s suitable for various settings and available in different sizes to accommodate different age groups. Whether you’re practicing or playing competitively, this goal provides reliability and versatility on the ice or field.

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