Bauer Skates For Wide Feet

Brief Overview:When it comes to finding the right pair of Bauer skates for wide feet, there are a few key factors to consider. Bauer is known for their high-quality hockey gear and offers a range of skate models designed to accommodate wider foot shapes. By understanding your specific needs and preferences, you can find the perfect pair of Bauer skates that provide both comfort and performance on the ice.

If you have wide feet and are in search of Bauer skates, here are five important facts to keep in mind:

1. Wide Fit Options: Bauer recognizes the need for wider skate options and offers various models specifically designed for players with wider feet.
2. Enhanced Toe Box: Many Bauer skate models feature an expanded toe box area, providing extra room for those with wider forefeet.
3. Customization Options: Some Bauer skate lines allow for heat molding or baking, which enables further customization and better fit around wide areas of the foot.
4. Different Widths Available: Depending on the model, Bauer skates may come in different width options such as D (regular), EE (wide), or even EEE (extra-wide) to cater to varying foot widths.
5. Consult Sizing Charts: To ensure proper fitment, it’s crucial to consult Bauer’s sizing charts that indicate recommended sizes based on foot length and width measurements.


Q1: How do I determine if I have wide feet?
A1: If your current shoes often feel tight around the sides or cause discomfort near your toes due to lack of space, you might have wider-than-average feet.

Q2: Which specific models from Bauer offer wide-fit options?
A2: The Nexus line from Bauer is known for its generous volume throughout the boot design, making it suitable for players with wider feet.

Q3: Can I get my wide-feet-specific Bauers custom-molded?
A3: Yes! Certain Bauer skate models, like the Supreme line, can be heat-molded to provide a more customized fit around wider areas of your foot.

Q4: Are wide-fit skates less supportive than regular ones?
A4: No, wider-fit skates are not necessarily less supportive. Bauer ensures that their wide-fit options maintain the same level of support and performance as their regular-width counterparts.

Q5: Do all Bauer retailers carry wide-fit options in-store?
A5: While many retailers stock a range of sizes and widths, it’s best to check with specific stores or consult online inventories to ensure availability before visiting.

Q6: Can I order custom-made Bauer skates for my wide feet?
A6: Currently, Bauer does not offer fully custom-made skates. However, they do provide various width options in their standard skate lines to cater to different foot shapes.

Q7: How should I break-in my new pair of wide-feet-specific Bauers?
A7: It is recommended to gradually break-in your new skates by wearing them during practice sessions or light skating activities until they conform comfortably to your feet.

Bauer offers several skate models designed specifically for players with wider feet. These skates feature expanded toe boxes and customization options such as heat molding. With different width choices available and proper consultation of sizing charts, you can find comfortable and high-performing Bauer skates that suit your wide-foot needs on the ice.

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