Bauer Skate Width Chart

Brief Overview:When it comes to finding the right pair of hockey skates, understanding skate width is crucial. Bauer offers a range of skate widths to accommodate different foot shapes and sizes. By choosing the correct width, players can ensure optimal comfort, performance, and protection on the ice.

1. Bauer Skate Width Options: Bauer provides three main skate width options – D (regular), EE (wide), and EEE (extra wide). These options cater to various foot widths, ensuring a better fit for players with narrower or wider feet.

2. Importance of Proper Fit: Wearing skates that are too narrow or too wide can lead to discomfort, blisters, decreased agility, and potential injuries. It is essential for players to find skates that provide a snug yet comfortable fit by considering their foot width.

3. Measuring Foot Width: To determine your foot width accurately, use a Brannock device or visit a professional fitting specialist at an authorized retailer. They will measure both the length and width of your feet using standardized measurements.

4. Factors Affecting Skate Width: Several factors influence which skate width option may be suitable for you. These include arch height, instep depth, toe box volume, as well as personal preferences in terms of tightness or roominess inside the boot.

5. Customization Options: If none of the standard widths offered by Bauer match your specific needs perfectly, consider exploring custom-fit options available through certain retailers or directly from Bauer’s custom program.


Q1: How do I know if I need wider skates?
A1: If you experience excessive pressure points along the sides of your feet or feel cramped even after properly sizing up in regular-width skates, it may indicate that you require wider skates.

Q2: Can I wear narrower skates if my feet are wide?
A2: It is not recommended to wear narrower skates if your feet are wide, as it can lead to discomfort and potential foot problems. It is best to choose skates that match your foot width for optimal performance.

Q3: Are Bauer skate widths consistent across different models?
A3: While Bauer generally maintains consistency in their skate widths across various models, slight variations may exist due to differences in construction and materials. Always refer to the specific model’s sizing chart for accurate information.

Q4: Can I stretch or modify the width of my skates?
A4: Skates cannot be significantly stretched or modified in terms of width. However, certain heat-molding techniques can help improve overall comfort by slightly adjusting the fit around pressure points.

Q5: What if one foot is wider than the other?
A5: If you have a significant difference in width between your feet, consider purchasing skates that accommodate the wider foot comfortably and use additional padding or inserts on the narrower side for a better balance.

Q6: How often should I check my skate size and width?
A6: It is recommended to reassess your skate size and width every few years or whenever you notice any discomfort or changes in your feet. Foot shape can change over time, so regular evaluations ensure an optimal fit.

Q7: Can I return or exchange skates if they don’t fit properly?
A7: Return and exchange policies vary among retailers. Ensure you familiarize yourself with their policies before making a purchase. Many stores offer fitting guarantees within a specified timeframe if you encounter sizing issues.

Choosing the right skate width from Bauer’s options (D, EE, EEE) ensures proper fit, comfort, and performance on the ice while reducing injury risks associated with ill-fitting skates. It is essential to measure accurately and consider factors like arch height and toe box volume when determining which option suits you best. Don’t hesitate to seek professional guidance for expert fitting advice if needed.

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