Bauer Rs Skate

Brief Overview:The Bauer Rs Skate is a popular choice among hockey players for its combination of comfort, performance, and durability. It is designed to provide excellent support and stability on the ice, allowing players to skate with confidence.

– The Bauer Rs Skate features a reinforced quarter package that offers enhanced durability and protection against impacts.
– It utilizes a microfiber liner that provides a comfortable fit while wicking away moisture to keep the feet dry during intense gameplay.
– The skate comes with an anatomical 30 oz felt tongue that offers additional protection and comfort.
– It incorporates a Tuuk Lightspeed Pro blade holder and stainless steel runner, ensuring optimal energy transfer and long-lasting performance.
– The Bauer Rs Skate is available in various sizes, providing options for players of all ages and skill levels.


1. Is the Bauer Rs Skate suitable for beginners?
– Yes, the Bauer Rs Skate is suitable for beginners as it provides good support and stability on the ice.

2. Can I bake these skates to achieve a better fit?
– No, baking is not recommended for the Bauer Rs Skate as it may compromise its structural integrity.

3. Are replacement blades easily available for this skate model?
– Yes, replacement blades are readily available for the Tuuk Lightspeed Pro blade holder used in the Bauer Rs Skate.

4. How do I clean my Bauer Rs Skates?
– We recommend using our organic dry cleaning service specifically designed for hockey gear like your Bauer Rs Skates.

5. Can I use these skates outdoors on rough surfaces?
– While they can withstand occasional outdoor use on smooth surfaces like concrete or asphalt, constant use on rough surfaces may shorten their lifespan.

6. Are these skates compatible with custom orthotics?
– Yes, you can customize your fit by using custom orthotics inside your Bauer Rs Skates if needed.

7. Do these skates require any break-in time?
– Like most skates, the Bauer Rs Skate may require some break-in time to mold to your feet and provide optimal comfort.

The Bauer Rs Skate is a reliable choice for hockey players seeking a comfortable, durable, and high-performing skate. With its reinforced quarter package, moisture-wicking liner, anatomical tongue, and Tuuk Lightspeed Pro blade holder, it offers excellent support on the ice. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced player, these skates are designed to meet your needs.

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