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Brief Overview:Fresh Gear is an organic dry cleaning service provider specializing in hockey gear, sports protective gear, and first responder PPE. We understand the importance of keeping these items clean and odor-free to ensure optimal performance and safety. Our eco-friendly cleaning process effectively removes dirt, bacteria, and odors without compromising the integrity of the materials. With Fresh Gear, you can trust that your equipment will be thoroughly cleaned and ready for action.

Fresh Gear offers a reliable solution for cleaning hockey gear, sports protective gear, and first responder PPE. Here are five supporting facts about our service:

1. Organic Dry Cleaning: We use an organic dry cleaning method that eliminates the need for harsh chemicals or excessive water usage. This ensures that your equipment remains safe from any potential damage caused by traditional washing methods.

2. Odor Elimination: Our specialized cleaning process effectively removes unpleasant odors from your gear, leaving it fresh-smelling after each wash. Say goodbye to lingering smells!

3. Bacteria Removal: Through our thorough cleaning process, we eliminate bacteria buildup on your equipment’s surface, reducing the risk of infections or skin irritations commonly associated with dirty gear.

4. Material Preservation: We understand how important it is to preserve the quality of your expensive sports equipment or PPE materials such as Kevlar or carbon fiber components. Our gentle yet effective approach ensures that no harm comes to these delicate materials during the cleaning process.

5. Convenient Service: Fresh Gear offers pickup and delivery options so you can easily have your equipment cleaned without disrupting your busy schedule.


Q1: Can you clean all types of hockey gear?
A1: Yes! We can clean everything from helmets and shoulder pads to skates and gloves – even goalie masks!

Q2: How often should I get my hockey gear cleaned?
A2: It is recommended to have your hockey gear professionally cleaned at least once every season or whenever you notice a buildup of dirt and odor.

Q3: Is your cleaning process safe for sensitive skin?
A3: Absolutely! Our organic dry cleaning method is gentle on all types of materials, making it suitable for individuals with sensitive skin.

Q4: Do you offer any disinfection services for first responder PPE?
A4: Yes, we provide thorough disinfection services to ensure that first responder PPE is free from harmful bacteria and viruses.

Q5: How long does the cleaning process take?
A5: The turnaround time for our cleaning service typically ranges from 24 to 48 hours, depending on the volume of gear being cleaned.

Q6: Can I trust Fresh Gear with my expensive equipment?
A6: Absolutely! We have years of experience in handling delicate sports equipment and understand the importance of proper care and maintenance.

Q7: Are your cleaning products environmentally friendly?
A7. Yes, all our cleaning products are eco-friendly and do not harm the environment or contribute to water pollution like traditional washing methods.

Fresh Gear offers an organic dry cleaning service designed specifically for hockey gear, sports protective gear, and first responder PPE. With our effective odor elimination, bacteria removal capabilities, material preservation techniques, convenient pickup/delivery options, and commitment to using eco-friendly products – we are your go-to solution for keeping your equipment clean and fresh. Trust Fresh Gear to keep you at the top of your game while ensuring safety on the field or in emergency situations.

It’s not your game that stinks…it’s your gear! Sanitize and deodorize with Fresh Gear.