Bauer Flylite Hockey Stick

Brief Overview:The Bauer Flylite Hockey Stick is a high-performance stick designed for professional and advanced players. It offers exceptional balance, durability, and responsiveness to enhance player performance on the ice.

The Bauer Flylite Hockey Stick is an excellent choice for hockey players looking for top-tier performance. Here are five supporting facts about this stick:

1. Lightweight Construction: The Flylite stick features a lightweight design that allows players to have better control and maneuverability on the ice. This enables quick shots, precise passes, and improved puck handling.

2. Advanced Carbon Layering: Bauer has utilized advanced carbon layering technology in the construction of the Flylite stick. This results in increased durability without compromising its lightweight properties.

3. Aero Foam 3 Blade Core: The blade of the Flylite stick incorporates Aero Foam 3 technology, which provides enhanced puck feel and control during shooting and passing plays.

4. DuraFlex Resin System: The use of DuraFlex resin system ensures optimal energy transfer from shaft to blade, resulting in powerful shots with minimal effort.

5. Dynamic Flex Profile: The Dynamic Flex Profile of the Flylite stick allows it to adapt to different types of shots – whether it’s a slapshot or a wrist shot – providing consistent performance across various game situations.


1. Is the Bauer Flylite Hockey Stick suitable for all skill levels?
– While it is designed primarily for professional and advanced players due to its high-performance features, intermediate-level players can also benefit from its lightweight construction and responsive characteristics.

2. Can I customize the flex rating of this stick?
– No, Bauer does not offer customization options for flex rating on their retail models; however, they provide various flex options (usually ranging from 70-105) catering to different player preferences.

3. How durable is this hockey stick?
– With its advanced carbon layering technology and DuraFlex resin system, the Flylite stick offers excellent durability. However, like any hockey stick, it can be subject to wear and tear with regular use.

4. Does the Bauer Flylite Hockey Stick come with a warranty?
– Yes, Bauer provides a 30-day limited warranty on their sticks against manufacturing defects. It is important to register your stick within 30 days of purchase to avail of this warranty.

5. Can I cut the shaft of this stick to adjust its length?
– Yes, you can cut the shaft of the Flylite stick; however, keep in mind that doing so will void any warranties or guarantees provided by Bauer.

6. Is this stick suitable for defensemen or forwards?
– The Flylite stick’s performance characteristics make it suitable for players in both defensive and offensive positions. Its lightweight construction benefits quick movements and accurate shots from all areas of the ice.

7. How does the price compare to other high-end hockey sticks on the market?
– As one would expect from a top-tier hockey stick, the Flylite model is priced at a higher range compared to entry-level or mid-range options. It falls in line with other premium sticks available from major manufacturers.

The Bauer Flylite Hockey Stick offers professional-level performance through its lightweight construction, advanced carbon layering technology, Aero Foam 3 blade core, DuraFlex resin system, and dynamic flex profile. While primarily designed for professional and advanced players seeking optimal responsiveness on the ice, intermediate-level players can also benefit from its features. With proper care and maintenance, this high-performance hockey stick can provide exceptional durability throughout its lifespan.

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