Bauer 3D Skate Lab Price

Brief Overview:The Bauer 3D Skate Lab is a cutting-edge technology that offers personalized and precise skate fitting for hockey players. It utilizes advanced scanning and analysis techniques to provide players with the most comfortable and efficient skating experience possible.

Five supporting facts about the Bauer 3D Skate Lab:

1. Accurate Measurements: The Skate Lab uses state-of-the-art scanners to capture detailed measurements of your feet, ensuring a perfect fit for your skates.
2. Customized Fit: Based on the collected data, the Skate Lab creates custom insoles that are tailored to your specific foot shape, providing optimal support and comfort.
3. Performance Enhancement: By analyzing weight distribution and balance points, the Skate Lab helps improve overall performance on the ice by maximizing power transfer during strides.
4. Injury Prevention: Properly fitted skates reduce the risk of foot-related injuries such as blisters or tendonitis, allowing players to focus on their game without discomfort or pain.
5. Time Efficiency: With its quick scanning process and accurate results, the Bauer 3D Skate Lab saves time compared to traditional skate fitting methods.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

1. How long does it take to get scanned at the Bauer 3D Skate Lab?
– The scanning process typically takes around five minutes per foot.

2. Can I use my existing skates with custom insoles from the Bauer 3D Skate Lab?
– Yes! The custom insoles can be easily inserted into any compatible skate model.

3. Are there different options for customization based on playing style?
– Absolutely! The Bauer 3D Skate lab offers various customization options depending on individual preferences and playing styles.

4. How often should I get my feet rescanned?
– We recommend getting rescanned every one to two years since foot sizes can change over time due to growth or other factors.

5. Is there an additional cost for using the Bauer 3D Skate Lab?
– Yes, there is a fee associated with utilizing the advanced technology and expertise of the Skate Lab. Please contact your local Fresh Gear provider for pricing details.

6. Can I purchase custom insoles without using the scanning service?
– The custom insoles are specifically designed based on the scan results from the Bauer 3D Skate Lab, so it is necessary to go through the scanning process to obtain them.

7. Is there a warranty on the custom insoles created by the Bauer 3D Skate Lab?
– Yes, there is typically a warranty provided by Bauer for their products, including custom insoles. It’s best to check with your local Fresh Gear provider for specific warranty information.

The Bauer 3D Skate Lab revolutionizes skate fitting by offering personalized measurements and customized insoles that enhance performance and prevent injuries. With its efficiency and accuracy, this cutting-edge technology provides hockey players with an unparalleled skating experience. Contact your local Fresh Gear provider today to take advantage of this game-changing innovation!

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