Bauer 2S Skates Senior

Brief Overview:The Bauer 2S Skates Senior are high-performance ice hockey skates designed for senior players. These skates offer a combination of comfort, performance, and durability to enhance the player’s on-ice performance.

Answer to the question: Are the Bauer 2S Skates Senior suitable for professional players?

1. Enhanced Performance: The Bauer 2S Skates Senior are designed with advanced features such as a carbon composite outsole and an upgraded tongue construction, providing professional-level performance.
2. Custom Fit: These skates come with Bauer’s Form-Fit+ footbed and a thermoformable upper, allowing for a customized fit that ensures optimal comfort and support.
3. Durability: The injected TPU quarter package offers excellent durability, making these skates ideal for intense use by professional players.
4. Blade Technology: Equipped with Tuuk LS Pulse TI Edge runners, these skates provide superior glide and stability on the ice surface.
5. Proven Brand: Bauer is a trusted brand in the hockey industry known for producing high-quality equipment used by professionals worldwide.

Detailed FAQs:

Q1: Can I bake these skates to achieve a better fit?
A1: Yes, you can heat mold the thermoformable upper of the Bauer 2S Skates Senior using an oven or specialized skate baking machine to achieve a more personalized fit.

Q2: Are replacement blades available for these skates?
A2: Yes, replacement blades compatible with Tuuk LS Pulse TI Edge runners can be purchased separately if needed.

Q3: How do I maintain these skates after use?
A3: It is recommended to wipe down the exterior of the skates after each use using a damp cloth and allow them to air dry before storing them properly in order to maintain their longevity.

Q4: Can I get my custom orthotics fitted into these skates?
A4: While it is possible to fit custom orthotics into the Bauer 2S Skates Senior, it is advisable to consult with a professional skate fitter for proper installation and compatibility.

Q5: Are these skates suitable for players with wide feet?
A5: The Bauer 2S Skates Senior offer a medium volume fit. However, they can accommodate wider feet by utilizing heat molding techniques or through professional skate fitting adjustments.

Q6: Can I sharpen the blades myself or should I seek professional help?
A6: It is recommended to have the blades professionally sharpened to ensure optimal performance and longevity. Professional sharpening services are available at most hockey equipment stores.

Q7: Do these skates come with any warranty?
A7: Yes, Bauer offers a limited warranty on their products. It’s important to check the specific terms and conditions of the warranty provided with your purchase.

The Bauer 2S Skates Senior are an excellent choice for professional players due to their high-performance features, customizable fit options, durability, blade technology, and trusted brand reputation. With proper maintenance and care, these skates can enhance your on-ice performance while providing comfort and support throughout intense gameplay sessions.

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